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2015.07.07 Ten Consumer organizations from KNCCO claimed damages against Homeplus for the illegal sales of p..
2015.06.24 We urge the National Assembly to pass the long overdue Consumer Right and Benefit Promotion Fund-..
2015.06.18 Statement denouncing the decision to raise the public transportation fare
2015.06.11 KNCCO to wage campaign for the establishment of the Consumer Right and Benefit Promotion Fund
2015.05.20 Consumers’ strong complaints regarding home shopping businesses’ reluctance to issue refund c..
2015.03.13 KNCCO holds commemorative event on World Consumer Rights Day -Need to secure consumers’ right..
2015.03.02 Content of the press conference by KNCCO on the plan for a class action lawsuit concerning Homepl..
2015.02.28 The Urban Planning Management Committee of the Seoul Metropolitan Council should amend the munici..
2015.01.27 Number of arbitration cases increasing year after year, In 2014, the number of the cases increase..
2014.12.30 Top ten news for 2014 selected by KNCCO
2014.12.18 Jeonnam Damyang ‘Daesupmalgeun Damyang Rice’, named best rice brand in 2014
2014.11.25 - KNCCO will strive to take part in formation of the Consumer Right Promotion Fund and establish ..
2014.11.13 -Three leading pizza businesses engage in price fixing. -Their prices are three times higher t..
2014.11.07 Improve the realtor fee! Amend the relevant municipal ordinance!
2014.10.16 KNCCO will boycott Dongsuh Food and Crown Confectionery because they don’t comply with food sa..
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