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2014.09.26 Statement: The exclusion of the clause for separated public disclosure, which is a core item of t..
2014.09.17 Our opinion on the abolition of the obligation for the individual packaging of poultry meat distr..
2014.09.05 -The average expense for preparing food for an ancestral memorial rite: 227,625 won (for a 4-mem..
2014.09.04 Prices for Chuseok (harvest festival)gift sets: those sold by department stores are the most expe..
2014.08.08 Air Asia airlines changes its flight schedules without giving prior notice,delays in refund, and ..
2014.08.07 KNCCO discloses the result of its analysis of Coffee Bean’s price hike Consumers should take ..
2014.08.06 People complain about goshiwons, particularly those in Seoul. Goshiwons refuse to give a refund ..
2014.07.22 Consumers should be wary of conmen offering internet education services
2014.07.21 KNCCO discloses the result of the analysis of Starbucks’ price hike
2014.07.16 KNCCO discloses the result of its analysis of bingsu (shaved ice with syrup)
2014.07.10 KNCCO discloses the result of its analysis of Kyochon F&B’s price raise
2014.07.04 The KNCCO has disclosed the result of the analysis of outdoor gear prices.
2014.05.27 Our View on the Sewol Ferry Disaster
2014.04.09 Statement: Our Position on the Nationwide Spread of Avian Influenza
2014.03.13 KNCCO to Hold an Event Commemorating World Consumer Rights Day 2014 “Let’s Secure Consumers..
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