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2010.06.23 An increase of "free" mobile phone marketing by mobile phone telecom companies and stores.
2010.03.03 International Symposium held for the safety of foods
2009.12.22 Consumer alert regarding scammers who promise consumers that they will list advertisements on the..
2009.11.09 The Korea National Council of Consumer Organizations and the Fair Trade Commission jointly hold a..
2009.07.09 Support the Companies that Share the Pain of Labor-Management Relationship and Promote Economy by..
2009.06.04 National Consumer Conference for Overcoming Economic Crisis
2009.04.03 A Forum on Development of Reasonable Food Safety Management Methods
2009.04.01 Consultation on Safety & Hygiene Rose by 44.1% Compared to Last Year Consultation on Harmful ..
2009.03.13 Consumer Trend Evaluation by Regional Administration Offices for the Promotion of Regional Consum..
2009.03.05 <Learn Facts about GM Foods > Consumer Education Program-Information on GM Foods for Consumers Pr..
2009.02.05 Opinions of Consumer Organizations on Fire Safe Cigarettes-The government should enact fire safe ..
2009.02.05 International Symposium on Food Safety
2009.01.30 Discussion Meeting on Price Stabilization through Price Analysis
2008.12.22 Consumers' Choice of the Year 2008: Best Rice Brands
2008.12.01 A Seminar will be held to mark the 13th anniversary of the Consumers' Day - "Consumer Safety and..
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