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2017.08.08 Low-cost Carrier Fares Including Paid Services up to 9.5% More Expensive than Megacarriers
2017.07.24 Chicken Franchise Headquarters Gains 40 Million Won in Profit per Year for Each Store
2017.07.07 Controversy Over Hamburger Disease, Consumer Anxiety Spreads - Urging the Food Authorities for ..
2017.06.21 Partner companies' high shares for discounts offered to mobile-service users may cause a rise in ..
2017.06.13 The current provision of consumer-oriented food and drug information is at an insufficient level...
2017.06.12 Sharp rise in consumer prices: companies must carefully decide on price increases. The reasons fo..
2017.05.25 The Fair Trade Commission alone is unable to implement balanced consumer policies: An independent..
2017.05.04 Korea National Council of Consumer Organizations Signed a consumer policy agreement with the Dem..
2017.03.22 Korea National Council of Consumer Organizations Awards the Prize for the Promotion of Consumer R..
2017.03.14 World Consumer Rights Day to Be Celebrated with a Campaign to call for personal informationa..
2017.03.07 Government funds of about 10 trillion won (77%) was used to cover construction costs and ensure t..
2017.02.23 Korea National Council of Consumer Organizations Elects Kang Jeong-hwa as the 23rd President
2017.01.25 Ancestral rites on Korean New Year's Day estimated to cost 236,982 won and 191,346 won in the cas..
2017.01.16 Egg imports should not threaten consumer safety in any case. - The government has to ensure comp..
2016.12.22 2016 Top 10 Consumer Issues
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