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2016.12.13 Jeollanam-do’s Daesummalgeun Damyang Rice Selected as 2016 Superior Rice Brand by Consumers
2016.12.01 The 21st 'Consumers Day' Event
2016.11.01 We denounce a hidden increase in prices of beer and beverages during chaotic states of the nation..
2016.09.27 Although consumption of convenience store foods and tertiary processed foods is increasing, consu..
2016.09.12 The signature campaign for the introduction of a consumer class action suit
2016.09.07 The electricity price system should be improved transparently and rationally
2016.09.05 KT should return surtaxes that have been imposed since 2011
2016.08.25 KFTC reveals its poor consumer policy
2016.07.27 Raw milk prices decrease 18 won per liter and retail prices of milk should be lowered
2016.07.14 The amended Framework Act on Consumers is pre-announced and Korea National Council of Consumer Or..
2016.07.12 De-identification issues and privacy protection in the era of big data
2016.06.21 The Three Largest Supermarket Chains to Remove Oxy Products from Their Store Shelves.
2016.05.31 Yuhan-Kimberly Should Repeal its Price Increase of its Menstrual Pads, a Necessity for Women
2016.05.30 The 20th National Assembly is Expected to Introduce the Consumer Class-action System and the Puni..
2016.05.20 The KNCCO and the Seoul Metropolitan Government signed a memorandum of understanding
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