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2013.03.11 The diversification of movie admission fees by CGV has an effect of increasing the fees by more t..
2013.02.19 The prices of both cookies and cooking oil products increased despite a slight increase or decrea..
2013.01.14 With the price increase of flour, factors of increasing product prices are only 0.5%~1.8%....
2012.11.22 Over the Last Decade Mobile Telecom Businesses Made Higher Expenditures than Profits Earned
2012.11.19 A Cost Analysis-related Debate Session
2012.11.16 KNCCO Holds a Discussion Session for Protection of Consumers Suffering Loss Associated with Mutua..
2012.11.14 Sharp Increase in Consumers’ Losses Due to Merger between Mutual Aid Businesses
2012.11.08 The Upcoming Government should Heed Consumers’ Opinions in the Policy Formulation Process
2012.11.06 KNCCO Holds Seminar for Proposing Consumer Policies
2012.10.25 A Debate Session about Agri-food Safety-related Consumer Policies
2012.09.10 Korean Consumer Organizations’ Position on Japan’s Attempt to Distort and Ignore History Rega..
2012.08.28 A Nationwide Rally of Consumer Activists
2012.07.25 Summer, the Busiest Season for Consumer Organizations Handling Complaints about Penalties Related..
2012.06.29 Premium coffee KANU adds 5% of roasted coffee, and its price is two times!.
2012.06.28 The price for shot addition and size-up is expensive at 5 professional coffee shops including Sta..
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