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| Consumer Complaint Filing and Resolution Services
Consumers can report and seek help and resolution on defective products purchased by them or cases of unfair or fraudulent business practices, at consumer centers operated by our 10 member organizations and 182 regional consumer complaint centers across the nation. The activities of the Council are engaging actions to find solutions to the most frequently encountered consumer issues, based on complaints reported toi these centers in direct communication with consumers. The Council furthermore organizes and manages these filed cases so that they may be used as a reference for future consumer-related policymaking. The Council also supplies information and tips to educate consumers.

| Information Portal Activities
The Council operates various consumer-related websites, providing consumers with helpful tips for safeguarding their own and their families' wellbeing and health from hazardous products, as well as information about their rights as consumers. Our thematically-organized online information resources include the 'Food Hazard Information System,' 'One-click Consumer Info' and 'Consumer World for Kids.' The Council moreover maintains a database where consumer complaints filed with affiliated consumer centers nationwide can be accessed and retrieved for consultation.

| Fostering Leadership for Consumer Activism (Education)
Every year, the Council offers annual leadership skills training for fulltime activists working at the frontline of consumer movements nationwide. Our training programs also include those intended for volunteer grassroots activists to build necessary leadership and skills to effectively advocate for the interest of consumers.
Meanwhile, our member organizations conduct educational programs geared toward consumers themselves, to awaken and galvanize consumer awareness. Essential and practical knowledge for today's consumers such as latest economic trends, consumer rights, environmental issues, regulations relating to product advertising, consumer-related laws, consumer information resources and tips on smart and safe buying are covered in these programs

| The Consumer Monthly Magazine and PR Activities (Information)
The Consumer, first issued in September 1978, is a monthly magazine providing useful consumer-related information. From product test results and various reports to cases of complaints and their resolutions, the magazine covers the full spectrum of consumer life. The Consumer, however, is not just an information source, but has made significant contributions to increasing awareness about their rights as consumers among the Korean public over the years. Consumer complaints, wishes and expectations published through this medium and read by businesses can point out concrete directions toward which efforts for quality and service improvement must be channeled. The Consumer is not only distributed to general consumers, but also to school libraries, from elementary schools to universities, and is used as an educational and research resource.
Furthermore, the Council publishes a weekly newsletter, appearing every Thursday, which covers latest activities by its member organizations and related news.

| Policy Study and Policy Proposal Activities (Relation with Government and Industry)
To concretely influence policymaking and legislative processes, the Council conducts research on various consumer-related policies and is actively submitting policy proposals to the government. The Consumer Protection Act, the Product Liability Act, the User Agreement Regulations, Act on Regulation of Standardized Contracts, the E-Commerce Consumer Protection Act, the Food Sanitation Act, the Housing Lease Protection Act, and Act on Home Solicitation Sales, etc. are some of the laws for which the government is welcoming input from consumer organizations. The Council therefore regularly hosts seminars and public hearings to collect consumer feedback and opinions and to accurately communicate consumer sentiment to policymakers and lawmakers.

| Consumer Price Survey and Monitoring
The Council conducts consumer price surveys both on a regular basis and as need occurs. These surveys, carried out by our 372 price watchers in 36 total regions across the nation, measure prices of necessities and personal services.
Twice every month, in 13 regions of Korea, we track prices of goods that strongly impact household economies such as basic necessities, including utilities and other public services, and personal services. By closely following how prices are set and how they evolve, we intervene when necessary to halt price hikes through various types of negotiations. Price information is fully disclosed to regional residents, and the right to know of consumers is respected and honored. To provide guidelines for consumers to cope intelligently with the fast-changing market environment, we carry out special price surveys in 36 regions nationwide in those segments of consumer goods which can sensitively affect household economies in a periodical or circumstantial fashion.

| Campaigns
Our campaigns led over the past years have made a difference, helping to increase the rationality of consumer culture. Our educational efforts have turned many consumers away from such purchase patterns as impulsive buying and stocking up, and wasteful economic behaviors. Our campaigns are launched both under initiatives of individual member organizations and as coordinated efforts between the Council and member organizations.

| International Cooperation
We share information with consumer organizations of countries around the world to control pernicious export practices, and keep a watchful eye on malignant or spurious trading activities through the consumer Interpol, imposing punitive measures when necessary. The Consumers International (CI), founded in 1960 to serve these goals, currently has 158 member organizations from 76 nations. 5 Korean organizations are registered members of CI, including the Korea National Council of Consumer Organizations, Consumers Union of Korea, and Citizens Alliance for Consumer Protection of Korea, and are actively participating in CI-hosted activities such as seminars, workshops and meetings. Furthermore, to find both solutions and preventive measures to new consumer issues emerging from the globalization of consumer markets, we are cooperating with CI and other international organizations in various areas relevant to consumer welfare.

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