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2020.06.30 Argument over Raw Milk Prices is Still Ongoing and the Consumers’ Voice is Never Heard Increa..
2020.04.29 After One Month of Running the “Seoul COVID-19 Win-Win Arbitration Center”, the Number of R..
2020.03.14 Celebrating the March 15th World Consumer Rights Day The Online Campaign “Care, Appoint and ..
2020.03.06 Regret over the Anti-Tada Bill that Ignores our Benefits and Options National Assembly Neglects ..
2020.02.28 Keep Calm and Fight against COVID-19
2020.01.17 Baedal Minjok and Yogiyo are now One: Concerns over a Market Monopoly Korea Fair Trade Commissi..
2019.12.11 Top 10 Consumer News 2019 as selected by KNCCO
2019.10.07 Financial Support Criteria of the Seoul Public Bus System Need to be Refined
2019.10.04 Fraud by Misuse of Loopholes in Homeplus and Mileage Systems
2019.08.30 LG Clothes Drier’s Autoclean Function is below Expectations LG Should Admit its Poor Performa..
2019.08.29 Consumer Movement Rally for a Class Action Lawsuit, Punitive Damages and Funds for the Promotion..
2019.06.05 Invossa Incident caused by Kolon’s Illicit Actions and the MFDS’s Terrible Approval System
2019.04.12 We welcome the WTO’s determination that the import restrictions on fisheries products from Fuk..
2019.04.05 Consumer Benefits Pushed Aside in Honor of the “World's First 5G Commercialization” Different..
2019.03.15 World Consumer Rights Day Celebration Campaign “Let's make a smart consumer-centered society t..
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